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The Open Food Facts Team

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Open Food Facts is a collaborative project with contributors from all around the world.

The project was started by Stéphane Gigandet, creator of the food blogs portals Recettes de Cuisine (French) and Very Good Recipes, and various other collaborative and/or food-related projects (mostly in French, e.g. Manger Bloguer and Informations Nutritionnelles).
Stéphane takes care in particular of the technical architecture of Open Food Facts, its development and the hosting of the site and its database.


The contributors to the Open Food Facts project are people that are passionate about food. They add products to the database and they are also the primary source for improvements and applications ideas through several others venues for the Open Food Facts community to share and discuss.

Open Food Facts is a project open to all: you can join us by creating an account in less than a minute, and you can add your first product in a few more minutes.

Please also join us on the various social networks to learn more about the project and/or start the conversation!

Facebook pageInstagram page and Facebook contributors group

list of contributors to the English version

The first contributors

The first contributors contributed much more than the first products: their ideas and enthusiasm is what made the creation of Open Food Facts possible!

A big thank you to:

Marie Claire Saint Maux, Martine Perthuis, André Gigandet, Minouche, Adrien, Pénélope Lucheux, Boljo, Za Nguyen, Marianne, Elsa, Caroline Giraud, Nathalie Merceron, Grégoire Clémencin, Clément Tomasella, Pricilla Despinoy, Emma, Ariane, Isabelle Hurbain, Pauline Prideaux, Olivier Vidal, Emyrky, Caroline Constantin, Isabelle Clep, Reinefeuille, FLaure, Alaro

Special thanks to Marie Claire who brought her time and energy to the project from the very start and who added more than 200 products before the public launch!